Why Does My Ps4 Sound Like A Jet Engine? | Quick Fix

why does my ps4 sound like a jet engine

The reason is that the fan is running at high speed to keep the console cool. Another possibility is that you might be playing a game that requires a lot of processing power, which causes the fan to run faster.

If neither of those things seems to be the problem, something might be obstructing the airflow inside the console, causing the fan to work harder than it should.

Some people might be wondering why their brand new Playstation 4 sounds like a jet engine.

The reason is that the PS4 has a cooling fan that runs at full speed to keep the console from overheating.

It may not be helpful for everyone, and it is necessary to ensure that the console functions correctly.

Also, some people believe that the high-pitched noise is due to the fan inside the console, while others think that it’s something else.

One statement is that the sound is caused by the new Bluetooth chip installed in the PS4.

There Are Some Following Reasons:

  1. Faulty Hardware
  2. Dust inside the device
  3. Heavy Pressure

Faulty Hardware:

The PlayStation 4 is a brilliant console, but there are some problems. One of these is the sound it makes.

It is due to a problem with the cooling fan, causing it to spin too fast and create a lot of noise.

Some gamers are concerned that this may be a sign of future problems with the console.

Dust Inside The Device:

Dust and other particles are sucked in by the ps4 and spit out the back of the device.

source: avg

This constant airflow creates a loud noise that sounds like a jet engine. The ps4 is so loud that it can be heard from several rooms away.

Sony has known this issue for some time now but has yet to address it. The company has said that they are looking into ways to fix the problem, but they have not given any specifics.

However, many people are hoping that they will release a fix or offer some explanation for the noise.

Dust inside the device can cause the PlayStation 4 to sound like a jet engine. When the dust accumulates on the fan, it creates a noise similar to the sound of a jet engine.

A brilliant way to prevent this is to clean the device regularly.

Since the Playstation 4, gamers worldwide have been experiencing loud noise coming from the console.

The noise is created by dust buildup inside the machine. Sony has issued a statement saying that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

In the meantime, they advise gamers to clean the dust out of their consoles with a can of compressed air.

Heavy Pressure:

Reports of a loud noise emanating from PlayStation 4 consoles began surfacing soon after the release of Sony’s latest gaming system.

Some gamers have theorized that the sound is caused by increased pressure within the system due to the new hardware, while Sony has yet to comment on the issue.

The noise has been likened to a jet engine running in the background and is reportedly so loudly it can be heard through earbuds and even over the sound of game audio.

The Playstation 4 is a famous gaming console that many people enjoy. However, a recent problem with the PS4 has been causing a loud noise.

This problem seems to be caused by heavy pressure on the console and can be very annoying for people trying to use it. Sony has not yet released a statement commenting on the issue.

How To Quick Fix Ps4 Sound Like A Jet Engine:

source: soundproofly.com

The ps4 is an excellent console with many features, but the sound is one downside. When the sound is turned up too high volumes, it can sound like a jet engine.

It can be annoying and distracting. However, there are many easy ways to fix this issue. I will provide four methods that can help fix a ps4 sound.

  1. Set Your PS4 In A Well Ventilated Area
  2. Set Your PS4 To Vertical
  3. Turn off or reset your PS4
  4. Replace PS4 Fan

Place Your PS4 In A Well Ventilated Area:

It is essential to place your PS4 in a well-ventilated area so that the internal fan can work properly and keep the console cool.

Place Your PS4 In A Well Ventilated Area:
source: reddit

If the console is not cooled down, it may overheat and cause damage to the hardware. Place the console out of direct sunlight and away from other heat sources.

Most people wouldn’t think about the temperature of their gaming console, but it’s something you should consider for people who own a PlayStation 4.

The PS4 is a modern gaming console, and because of that, there are bound to be a few people who don’t know how to take care of it properly.

One of the important things you can do to make sure your PS4 lasts a long time is to place it in a well-ventilated area.

Set Your PS4 To Vertical:

Set Your PS4 To Vertical
source: justpushstart

The PS4 is a great gaming console, but it can be even better if you set it up to play in vertical mode.

Doing this lets you use the whole screen to play your games, and it can also make the console easier to use with other devices.

  • With the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony has given gamers the option to set their console to vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • While most gamers set their consoles horizontally, vertical orientation can provide some benefits.
  • Setting your PS4 Pro to vertical can save you some space in your entertainment center.
  • It can also make it easier to reach the ports and buttons on the back of the console.

Turn Off Or Reset Your Ps4:

Turn Off Or Reset Your Ps4:
source: lifewire

Your PlayStation 4 is acting strange. You’re getting an error message you’ve never seen before. Your PlayStation 4 is freezing up.

In any of these cases, your first instinct may be to turn off your PlayStation 4 and turn it back on again. It is not the best solution.

If your PlayStation 4 has problems, you should try resetting it first.

It may come a time when you need to turn off or reset your PS4.

Maybe you’re having trouble with your console and need to start from scratch, or maybe you’re just doing a regular maintenance sweep to keep everything running smoothly.

No matter the reason, here’s how to turn off or reset your PS4.

Replace PS4 Fan:

The PlayStation 4 fan is one of the most critical and expensive system components. Recently, there have been complaints about the PlayStation 4 fan.

Replace PS4 Fan:
source: youtube

Some people say that it is too loud, while others say it is not powerful enough. Sony has heard these complaints and plans to release a new fan for the PS4.

In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving. With each new console release, gamers are always anxious to see the next big thing in gaming.

Sony’s PS4 is a great console, but it does have its flaws. One of these flaws is its fan. The fan can get very loud, which can be annoying for some gamers.

Luckily, there is the best solution to this problem. This fan will be quieter and more powerful than the original fan. It is expected to be released in early 2017.

If it fails, the entire system will likely need to be replaced. Fortunately, there are ways to replace the fan without purchasing an entirely new system.

How To Clean Your Ps4 With Can Of Compressed Air Or Alternative:

Clean your PS4 every few months with a can of compressed air to help prevent overheating and keep your system running smoothly.

How To Clean Your Ps4 With Can Of Compressed Air Or Alternative:
source: .ubreakifix.com

If you don’t have compressed air, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean the dust out of your system.

Be sure to unplug your PS4 before cleaning and avoid getting water or other liquids near the ports or power supply.

PS4 is an excellent investment for any avid gamer, but it requires some occasional cleaning to maintain optimal performance like all gaming consoles.

When it comes to cleaning your PlayStation 4, you have a few different options.

You can use a can of compressed air, or you can use a cleaning cloth and some rubbing alcohol.

If you decide to use compressed air, make sure that you don’t point the can at the console itself, as it could damage the internal hardware. Instead, point it at the vents on the side of the console.

As any gamer knows, the PlayStation 4 is a console that needs to be kept clean. It makes the gaming experience better, but it also helps to increase the lifespan of the console.


If you have been reading this article, we hope you understand why your PS4 sounds like a jet engine.

Hopefully, you will be able to reduce the noise coming from your console by following some of these solutions.

Share your good experience with us in the comments below. We will also try to help you if you have any other problems.



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